This script will do:

It is meant to be used during the development process and must be run from the PHP command line interface.


tracker.php <command> [action]

Available commands:

For more information use tracker.php help. For more information on a specific command use tracker.php help <command>.

Install the application

Copy /etc/config.dist.json to /etc/config.json and fill in your database details. To interface with GitHub, fill in your GitHub credentials.

Then run: tracker.php install

Import a project from GitHub

The command tracker.php get project will retrieve the information for a given project from GitHub. This should be used during installation and periodical executions.

To bypass inputs and write the output to a log file during cron execution, a similar command could be used:

/path/to/tracker.php get project -p 2 --all --quiet --log cron.log

Note get project will “batch run” the available get commands in the correct (..erm) order.


Recently a new feature has been added to the framework that allows CLI applications to display colorful output on ANSI enabled terminals. So I thought we might see how it looks and feels ;)

ANSI color codes are supported in most (if not all) *nix style terminals. To test this feature I grabbed a VM with Windows XP, installed git for Windows and GitHub (both include terminals) but neither them nor the standard Windows thingy supported ANSI colors. Then I installed Cygwin (which is a good choice anyway), and got the following output: win-colors1

Progress Bar

Since we have some long running operations (currently ~10 min pulling the CMS issues on my slow i-net), I thought we might use some “high class” progress bar.

The progress bar is not part of the repo and has to be installed using composer from elkuku/console-progressbar (which is a fork of PEAR/Console_ProgressBar with a facelifting ;) I haven’t tried that on Windows, but it might work on cygwin…



If your terminal does not support ANSI control codes you may see something like this:


Turn it off !

To suppress color ouput for a single command use the --nocolors switch. To suppress the progress bar for a single command use the --noprogress switch. Example: tracker.php retrieve issues --nocolors --noprogress

To turn the feature(s) off permanently edit etc/config.json and set the values for the undesired features from 1 to 0.

Auto Complete

If you use PHPStorm, you may use the Command Line Tools Console to execute the tracker.php script.

To get auto complete for the tracker.php commands, copy the file Custom_jtracker.xml to the folder .idea/commandlinetools inside your JTracker project. This will set up an alias jtracker that points to the /cli/tracker.php script.


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