Virtual environment server

The purpose is to create an “instant” virtual operating system including an AMP stack.

So you basically have to issue only one line on the CLI to get a working instance of the JTracker project for local development.


Start Up


You have to run the setup from the command line of your virtual “guest” operating system.

That should be it.

Go for the code :wink:

Shut down and Destroy

When you are finished and want to stop the VM to work with it later, you should either run halt or suspend, the latter requiring a bit more disc space while providing a somewhat faster startup.

To delete the whole VM run

Additional Features

The TrackerApplication has been modified to look for an environment variable JTRACKER_ENVIRONMENT. If it is set to “something”, a config file with the same name will be loaded.

Example You may set the environment variable from inside a VirtualHost directive in one of your Apache config files.

<VirtualHost *:80>

With the environment variable set to foobar you will have to create the file config.foobar.json.

NOTE that you’ll have to supply the environment variable separately to the CLI application - depending on your OS:

Note: Apache and PHP are configured to write log files to the logs directory at the repo root outside the virtual machine. They are at “debug” level, so they are growing fast. Consider logrotate or similar.

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